Presented by Veronica v. sutherland

If you are a Kingdom wife who wants to fill the part of your heart that has been lonely and empty to be restored to God for yourself, your marriage and other relationships, then this is for you.

During this half-day retreat you will learn:

1. To release hurts to clear the air for deeper connections with yourself, God and your spouse.

2. How to be intentionally happy regardless of your spouses attitude.

3. The tools I used to restore the joy in me and my marriage.

4. How to nurture intimacy and passion in your marriage


This program has helped me to love myself to see beyond my hurts and pain and to trust God in every situation. It has changed my way of thinking. Put God first. J.B.

Over the past couple of days whilst participating in the 5- day challenge I have noticed quite a few changes and ALL of them are in me! Even though I still find myself resisting the process because I don't see any changes and don't expect to see the changes in my husband, the more I submit to the way God wants wives to live the more peace I find myself in. I have unexplainable joy during the days, I am less critical of myself and my kids and I am finding time more and more to just be a wife and a mom regardless of whether the hurtful things still exist. I am extremely grateful for this course and everything it has guided me towards. K.M.

I've gotten lots oF valuable information. The Bible verses for starters have been so helpful for accountability and encouragement! I also love how you are so passionate and joyful about what you do, just your smile and tone has given me the pick up that I needed certain days this week. The biggest thing for me, was seeing what I need to release in my life that isn't serving me or bringing me joy. You gave us a valuable tool to self reflect and that has been so helpful already! God bless you. E.V.

I believe that you are an agent of the Holy Spirit who has begun a good work in me, and He will complete the good work that He has started in me. Praise Jesus for his grace, and thank you Veronica for your love, wisdom, advice and for giving me the courage to become a responsible wife with depth and resilience in spite of circumstances. Having someone who has walked the road, share their wisdom with so much passion and clear instructions are more valuable than rubies and diamonds. You are a blessing. God bless you! E. H.

I would definitely refer these sessions with Veronica to other wives as it's a source of support given in a safe environment that encourages growth, openness, honesty and validation. We all need these Biblical keys for a holy life and a successful marriage. It is not often that we do receive such support in our church or from family and friends so Veronica's support injects some reassurance and hope and helps us to see that we are doing what is right in the eyes of God who will reward us.

Thanks, Veronica, for your consistency and dedication to wives. Your testimony is helping us glean our testimonies to help others along their journey. God bless you and your family and your ministry. Truly appreciated! V.B.

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Kingdom Wives Restored

Virtual Half-Day Retreat

Saturday July 1, 2023

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (UTC -05)

Are you a deeply unhappy wife?

Are you smiling on the outside while hurting on the inside?

Do you feel that there must be more to marriage than this?

Do you feel lonely in the same room with your husband?

Are you blaming yourself for the disconnect in your marriage?

Do you feel undervalued, ignored and unheard?

Do you feel conflicted about your next step?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this retreat is for you.


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    You will leave with a plan to be intentional about

    1. Being your best self

    2. Having daily strategic conversations with God regarding your marriage

    3. Nurturing Intimacy and passion in your marriage

    Hi, my name is Veronica,

    I am passionate about serving God through service to others and am a Christian author, speaker, and coach.

    I help Christian wives, who are struggling to find happiness in their marriages and who are considering divorce, to strengthen their relationship with God so that they can revive the love and joy in their marriage, using Biblical principles and prayer support.

    My 37 years married to the same man, 40 plus years’ experience in Family Life Education and Christian Education has given me a unique perspective on marriage centered on Biblical principles.

    My marriage is not perfect. For many years I struggled. I felt unheard, ignored, invalidated and misunderstood. I was ready to throw in the towel. Through prayer God revealed changes I needed to make if I wanted to enjoy my marriage. In this retreat I will reveal some of these changes.